Why You Need a Customs Brokerage to Export to Mexico from the US?

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What is a Custom Broker?

The Customs Broker, known as Agente Aduanal in Spanish, is essential for optimizing your customs procedures when exporting to Mexico from the USA. When shipping goods to Mexico, hiring a customs broker is crucial. These professionals work on behalf of Mexican Customs authorities and assist with the customs clearance of your goods. A Customs Broker also provides advisory services to help you meet all the requirements set by Mexican authorities, particularly the NOM (Normas Oficiales Mexicanas), also known as the Official Mexican Standard.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the role of Customs Brokers (Agente Aduanal) in the exporting process from the USA to Mexico.

Customs Broker

What Do Customs Brokers Do?

International trade is the backbone of the global economy, with the USA and Mexico being key players due to their high volume of trade. Every year, thousands of tons of goods worth billions of dollars are exported from the USA to Mexico. However, for international exporters, this process is far from simple. It involves navigating customs clearance, filing e-forms, gathering necessary documents, obtaining local regulatory certificates, and paying various taxes, duties, and excises. Moreover, international trade in Mexico is governed by a complex array of regulations that must be meticulously followed. Managing all these tasks alone is daunting, which is where a Customs Agent (Agente Aduanal) in Mexico becomes indispensable.

Hiring a Customs Broker Agent in Mexico can streamline your export supply chain. These experts stay abreast of Mexico's ever-changing regulations and understand the export specifics related to various commodities. An Agente Aduanal is a knowledgeable professional who can guide you through every aspect of importing goods into Mexico, including:

  • Entry Procedures
  • Admissibility Requirements
  • Duties and Taxes
  • Classifications
  • Valuation of Imported Goods

If You Want to Export to Mexico from the USA, a Custom Broker can provide you with the following services:

Acts as an Intermediary Between You and Relevant Mexican Agencies

As previously mentioned, an Agente Aduanal works on behalf of Mexican customs authorities. A Customs Broker acts as a liaison between you, the exporter, and the relevant government agencies, ensuring that your shipment clears the Mexican border smoothly. Your Custom Broker is responsible for making sure your goods comply with all state requirements governing imports and exports in Mexico.

To successfully bring your products into the Mexican market, your Customs Broker handles all administrative procedures, facilitating the delivery of your goods efficiently. This expert guidance ensures that your exports meet all regulatory standards, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Your Customs Agent Helps You Register in the Register of Importers

The Register of Importers was established to control foreign trade operations in Mexico, enabling the Tax Administration (SAT) to prevent tax evasion and combat smuggling and customs fraud. Anyone intending to import goods into Mexico must be registered with the Register of Importers. Therefore, if you are exporting from the USA to Mexico, it is essential to obtain registration with the Register of Importers, a process your customs broker agent will assist you with.

Your customs agent will prepare the necessary paperwork and ensure that you meet all requirements for registration. This ensures compliance with Mexican import regulations, facilitating a smooth and legal entry of your goods into the Mexican market.

Your Agente Aduanal helps You obtain NOM Certification

NOM, also called Official Mexican Standard, is a legal enforcement document for the products imported into Mexico regarding their safety or health risks for people, environment, and animals. NOM outlines the minimum safety requirements that products must meet to be placed in Mexico's market. So, if you want to get your goods in Mexico's market, you need to get NOM Certification, and for that, you need help from a certified and qualified Agente Aduanal. Your customs agent help comply quickly with the regulations and requirements to obtain NOM Certification to get your merchandise in the market as soon as possible. 

Streamline your exporting process to Mexico with Aduaeasy's custom broker services. Our experts will guide you through Mexican regulations and ensure your goods clear customs seamlessly. Contact us today to simplify your export journey!

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Soy Diego, el CEO de Aduaeasy, y me apasiona guiar a las empresas en México hacia el éxito. Mi ...

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